Totally Teen Mum – like, OMG!

Totally Teen Mum – like, OMG!

Like totally, right? Or, since this is Totally Teen Mum, and not Totally Teen Mom, the stereotype would be something more like: “Teen mum innit. Pass me my fags.”

Either way, they’re stereotypes. Teen parents in today’s Western society are constantly stereotyped, whether you’re a teen mum, a teen mom, or a teen dad! Trust me, I know. But the truth is there are so many of us out there that don’t fit these stereotypes, the wider public just don’t seem to know about us! Let’s fix that.

Vicky Pollard, does she look anything like you?
(Image taken from:

Teen mums totally rock! (That sounds so cheesy. I promise I would never, ever say something like that out loud. Honest.)


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