A young mum blogging, basically.

Hi. My name’s Sorayah July. My surname is a month so I’m sure that must make me some sort of Roman goddess or something? No? Okay.
Anyhow, as you probably guessed by my blog’s title, I’m a teen mum. Totally one.

That’s not all there is to me though. I’m really a very deep person. Here’s a bit more about your host:

  1. I’m not actually a teen anymore. So I guess that first line was quite deceiving. I’m twenty-one. But I was a teen when I became a mum so yah…
  2. I like cheese. Not so keen on blue cheese, but I’d eat it anyway.
  3. I’m a Londoner. And I love London. Although I’m probably the worst Londoner you’d ever come across – I don’t eat jellied eels and I’ve never met the Queen. I do love a good cuppa Rosy Lee though! (That’s “tea” for all you non-Londoners out there). I also only experienced Hyde Park for the first time in my twenty-one years recently.
  4. I’m scared of dogs. And cats. And any living thing that’s not human. Except monkeys. They’re great.
  5. I love the smell of just-blown-out candles. It reminds me of birthdays.
  6. I’d pick Corrie over EastEnders any day of the week. I could still tell you about most storylines on Easties though, past, present or future.
  7. I crack my fingers.
  8. I used to bite my nails, but kicked the habit. Yay me! (If anyone would like me to start leading Quit Biting groups, drop me an email).
  9. I have created a child that is as girly as I am. It’s great. I can’t wait to shop with her when she’s big.
  10. I regularly refuse to open my front door to unannounced visitors, because the chances are if I’m at home, I haven’t bothered to dress that day.

So that’s me pretty much summed up in ten points. It doesn’t get much heavier than that, does it guys?

Enjoy my posts!

4 Comment(s)

  1. Amie

    February 14, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Hi Sorayah,
    Would love to get in contact with you about doing a interview. I am a midwifery student and am really interested in teenage pregnancy. I’m looking at how much teen mothers felt in control of their pregnancy and birthing experience. Let me know if you’d be interested! Thanks x

  2. louisehittingthekeys

    February 15, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Hi Sorayah,

    I help manage a 140k member strong community of students, grads and young people called The OpinionPanel Community. We have a dedicated blog section which features all of our member’s opinions, thoughts and rants.

    I was wondering if you would consider writing an article for us about being a teen mum. I would love to email you and discuss some ideas. We post topics which are relevant to young peoples’ lives, and we think our members would love reading what you have to say! Also you could win £50 for article of the month. Check out our blog here http://www.opinionpanel.co.uk/category/opinion/ and let me know if you are interested 🙂

    • SummerMonths

      February 29, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Hi Louise,

      So sorry for the delayed reply! I haven’t been checking my blog very often, my daughter has taken over the account and has been using it to writ her own blog! I am still interested in writing the article, if the opportunity is available though? Please email me on sorayahjuly@gmail.com


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